About us

We are a BDSM-loving couple (40/30 years), indulge in the ideas of the Domestic Discipline … and have six children.

Why are we writing this blog?

Since we met, we changed. Although both of us are relatively experienced on our own and lived BDSM for half our lives, we find that new dynamics develop in every two-way constellation. So also with us. While he has a lot of experience from the BDSM scene, she is still much less experienced, but over the years has gained more experience in playing with different men and doms.

Quite different experiences, but with the common denominator of the BDSM. The desire ‘not only to play’, but to develop a suitable life model for us. And that is exactly the journey we want to take you to: how do we develop a BDSM 24/7 D / s, maybe TPE (or so) life model with strong Domestic Discipline impact that fits our lives with the six children and works? As you can already imagine, this is not that easy at times …

Our rules and rituals

Our pair rules reflect us. They are what we have agreed as guidelines. They are what shows us when it comes to fatigue, work, children, etc., where we want to go and where we want to stay. They carry the rights and obligations that we have given and imposed on us 🙂.

Incidentally, the first serious rule that we introduced was us of the formal form of address. It arose from the fact that we wanted to anchor “the SM” permanently. We felt it was important not to be wiped out as a couple between children, work, sleep, etc. We had only known each other for a few weeks at this time – and switching to the formal form was an unfamiliar step. Above all, she also had tremendous respect, because she had already gained him very dear and was worried about losing this closeness to the formal form. But: it is one of many elements that make us think and remember how we want that relationship. And not only from his point of view, it is beautiful 🙂.

Our children

AKA Minidoms.

Standing at night at eleven-fifteen in the living room door, talking about “I can not fall asleep”. While he‘s thinking what he will do with her in bed. What he’s forced to bury immediately.

Lie to her at night. While she lies in bed with her hands tied. Wish closeness. Lie down on her. In this way, usually force his first act in the morning – to unlock her, before the children wake up aware.

Can not fall asleep at night – without knowing what they’re doing, take time from us as a couple.

Are currently – as fresh from separation – not yet fit to be left alone in the evening.

Are often beautiful to look at. Get older and mature in an incredible way. Can be incredibly lovely. And are temporarily at six with us …

After all, we are on an experience level, where we have a quiet afternoon with “only” three children in the house.