We had to do a long-term pause

Hi everyone,

this website did not fit towards the end. Corona had partly done his part. We had to adapt our relationship, a lot of things had to give way to realities over the time.

The texts around Christmas were written during a break. A vacation. It was a last resurgence. When work and children came back and wanted to be done well, the bed life had to step back in the medium term.

Our website was also formed over time. It contained in some areas texts from the beginning – which we had left also intentionally exactly. That texts obviously came from the stormy start times, simplified the maintenance.

The writing form of the blog was deliberately built to help with this. By the fact that nobody knew the authors and various deviations were systematically placed, we could write without direct reference to the context – also if necessary in the margin of other people. The very fact that one could not write texts 100% correctly or leave texts that should be revised was a deliberate effect of anonymity.

But when then someone actively deanonymized the blog on the Internet and picked out selectively, we still reflected a little. But then it was time for the reset button. It didn’t make sense that way.

As an outlook / last words for now:

  • The waning of the pandemic was a liberating blow for us as a couple and as a family. We are now starting to build up our social and sports life again.
  • The structures we created during the pandemic, be it structures with the children, the solidarity of the children, our networking as a couple, have partly developed into great strengths. In the end, bed life took a back seat – but maybe that had to happen.

We are not “gone”. And anyone who asks at scene nodes would find us.