1st Play Date

When me and my master met for our first play date we knew each other roughly a few weeks. We already knew quite a lot about each other as this wasn’t our first date. But it was our first play date. As usual before a first play date, I was pretty nervous before I drove to see him. But honestly, I had a good feeling and wasn’t as nervous as I had been with other doms. We had already spend time together with our families, we had been holding each other for hours like teenagers, we’d spend evenings calling each other…

And then I entered his house and less than two minutes later I had my hands tied up to a chain hanging down from the ceiling in his living room with my eyes blindfolded. No talking, no getting acquainted, just taking me as his toy without any hesitation. I was surprised, I was used to doms that took some time to talk before starting to play, that were probably a bit more insecure and needed more reassurance from me before tieing and beating me up. He apparently didn’t.

And as if this wasn’t enough, one of the first things he whispered into my ear was: “Well, I ordered an electrical collar, but… unfortunately… it wasn’t delivered yet.” Most probably I was looking at him as if I would not understand what he told me as he started to elaborate: “…one of these collars that are used to train dogs, they are forbidden here, as they are considered being abusive, but I ordered one from UK…”. I did not NOT understand, I simply did not believe what I just heard. I was shocked. This guy was telling me that he wanted to put an electrical collar around my neck and I have my hands tied up to a chain in his living room. I started doubting my decision… WTF! WAS THIS A GOOD IDEA? It took me some moments to realise that this WAS a good idea. I always wanted a Dom that made me follow him, that wanted me to be a well-behaving girl, that wanted to have a slavegirl that follows him without any hesitation. And apparently this is what he wanted. My shock disappeared and I started to be deeply impressed.

In contrast to other doms, this could be a Dom that does not get bored by his well-behaving slave, but rather sees this as the desired state of mind of his slave. This was great! … but still I was scared by the simple thought of having an electric collar tied to my neck. Well, I could have told him, that I don’t want him to put an electric collar around my neck, he would have accepted that, but infact, I wanted him to do that. I was just scared of what would happen if I – in his eyes – misbehave.

Compared to this all the other impressions from this evening were less impressive and I do not remember them as lively as I do remember this. Anyhow, this was the evening my master did put a black leather collar around my neck – I felt like a little princess, he wanted me to be his slave! And this was the evening he introduced the formal form. I did not feel happy about this right away, as I already felt connected to him as I knew him – I was afraid that I could loose this closeness.

The next morning

The next morning my master woke up in his what we now call ‘domlex’ mood. This is that special mood he often is in on reLAXed weekends, when he fells playful DOMinant –> the domlex mood.

He started teasing me, I understood that he wanted to play and I realised that I was in ‘challenge-your-new-dom’ mood. This is, what I already told him in advance, what usually happens when I play with somebody for the second or third time. In the beginning I let the Dom play, I do behave well, BUT I do observe where the ‘holes in the fence’ could be. Now, I wanted to test him if he lets me slip through one of these holes or if he is able to entirely submit myself to him. When he was about to put a ball gag into my mouth I refused to open my mouth. I don’t like being gagged, it makes my jaw hurt. He tried to force me, he tried to open my mouth by pressing his fingers on my jaw, he started beating me… He started beating me hard. He started giving me punishments with the cane. And he realised that I was too stubborn. That he would have needed to physically injure me to break me. And he understood that this wasn’t the way to go.

And this is when I saw his play room for the first time. He grabbed me and pulled me into this room. He tied my hands with carabiners to hooks in the wall that were installed on the left and on the right to my body. He made me kneel, blindfolded me and did put earplugs into my ears. And then left me – all alone.

For a long time.

A very long time.

I started testing my handcuffs and I heard that I wasn’t able to hear anything. I could not even hear the characteristic sound of clanking chains. This was a problem, as this also meant that I was not able to hear him come back or to hear any of his movements. I understood, that I did not even know if he came back into the room, if he was close by or if I was alone. After a while he came back, I wanted him to unchain me and I was willing to submit. As to be expected he expected me to open my mouth and let him gag me – this time with a ring-gag, that was not only painful to my jaw but also gave me an embarrassing feeling. He started to play with his finger in my mouth, deep in my mouth triggering my urge to gag. I felt humiliated and was hoping that now as he got what he wanted – me being gagged – he would unchain me. But he didn’t and left me alone yet again WITH the gag in my mouth. Even though I wasn’t sure if I was alone, I checked the carabiners of my handcuffs and unfortunately my skin got jammed into it. This was painful. I started to wish for him to come back. I started to feel happy when he was there and I did not mind what ever he was doing to me, he was there!

Later he told me that he did look after me several times, but as I wasn’t able to hear anything at all, so I assumed that I was left alone for a very long time….

He unchained me and I knew that this was it. He had understood that he had to play this kind of psycho games to have me submit to him. This was a good start.