Use – First try

This weekend we started an interesting attempt. We went to a party, which was organized relatively strict according to the principle “Maledom-Femsub”. There were rules for the subs. They were not allowed to speak without being asked, had to wear collars, did not use the couches, etc. . Their tendencies or what was allowed to other gentlemen were noted down in advance on special slips of paper. These were hung up.

It had to be expected that the gentlemen would “exchange” the woman among each other. The ladies had to expect that what was written on the notes would happen. All gentlemen had to expect that other gentlemen wanted to take the own lady with them after looking at the slips of paper.

I felt unsure. I did not want to share my lady. I found it rather “unhygienic” to share her for sexual intercourse.

I could not really imagine this. But: I wanted to do it. Just to get me and her used to it. Of course you have to say clearly that she was rather looking forward to it. I had to get used to it. I wanted to get used to it.

The evening went completely different 🙂 .

Let’s think again: what happens when about 30 couples consisting of Maledom and Femsub come to a party location? What do couples do who tend to be pre-sorted so that the men “take care” of their wives and the wives are compatible?

-> Mr A played with his sub a. Mr B with his b. Mr C with his c.

I expected to have to pay attention to whom I give my lady and with whom I can “exchange”. I got the situation to play with my lady while the gentlemen were playing around with theirs.

That was not thought to stay like that.

So I put the papers of my lady into her corset. I tied her tied hands to a chain above her. She had her eyes blindfolded. I organized someone who took care of her for a moment… and got me a beer (of course one with low alcohol content 🙈 ).

Then I sat down on a staircase nearby and waited.

What happened? Mr B continued to play with b. Mr C with c. Two friends passed by and stroked a little my lady. And went again. My lady hung around.

In retrospect it succeeded to break the pattern a little. I “changed” with someone who had a young Italian woman with her. I only noticed late that she did not understand what I told her in my language. But the situation was beautiful. The one who had the Italian in tow was working on my lady… who was tensed over a buck. At that time she was so enraptured that she hardly reacted to blows. I had to point out to the gentleman several times that she would feel something – and checked nevertheless a few times for safety’s sake whether she was at all conscious 🙃 .

So in retrospect there was a situation where we “swapped” the partners. But somehow I had imagined it differently beforehand.

I never thought I’d say that – but this party was very innocent. We noticed that it was rather too innocent for us as a couple. And browsed the party calendars for opportunities on the next child-free weekends…

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