After the court date

I just had my court date. The one about the child division.

I found interesting, what load fell away from me. Afterwards. And what effect it had on me in retrospect.

The date itself went well. Once again I had the feeling that many points in my life had prepared me for this very point in my life.

I talked several times on the way to court what I wanted to say as opening – to hedge the halo effect. Because I had learned that in coaching.

I sat in before the date in the court hall with the representatives of the government agencies and led loose small talk. Because I had learned that in the business field.

I had my last court papers printed in court. Because I always had it with me.

I came very close in time – to understanding of other people – and yet was without nervousness. Three minutes before the start of the date. Because my appointments as a leading engineer were always timed like that 😂 .

Etc. .

The appointment itself went well. I omit details.

AFTER the appointment I needed around until the next evening to recognize what had happened there.

At first I only regocnized the results at the intellectual level. I did not feel them.

When talking to the children at home, I saw the differences.

I realized: eh, that remains that way now. I found myself planning to be more committed to the future of caring for the children. Actually, I had done that before … but in my gut feeling it had come much stronger.

The next morning I was sitting in a cafe with my children (really only my two). My lady sat at work 😉. She asked me by telegram how I am.

My Answer: I am so deeply relaxed that I could fall asleep sitting down.

And so it was.

The court hearing had tentatively decided how to proceed with the children. I had previously unconsciously spent a great mental energy on the uncertainty of how to proceed. When my body was not forced to do this anymore, it became happy – and tired.

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