Some thoughts on posting

Hi all,

as you can see, we have not posted for a while.

Reasons are – upcoming from the holiday in late May – thoughts where this should lead. I noticed more and more that there was a risk that the posts would also be read by our ex-partners. Will I discuss posts in court? Or in front of other government departments? Or with Sm folks who find themselves in the posts?

These thoughts came primarily from me – me lady also started to stop posting in parallel. I also noticed that there are several blogs on the net that have started up – and then were abandoned by their authors

Meanwhile, we see that serious traffic has developed on the blog 🙂 . That’s nice.

I also think that at least I – after I had my first court date with my ex-wife in the beginning of August – slowly get more relaxed about posting.

We have a lot to write … and I will continue 🙂 .


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