TiH – Taken in Hand

If my lady and me had imagined today’s life as our goal while getting to know each other, we would have sayed goodbye to each other in a friendly way 😂 .

I saw in my life various slave contracts on relevant web pages. With rules according to which the passive part must ask the active part for permission before he leaves the house. With rules that stated that the passive part should not wear underwear that covered the crotch at home. With rules according to which the master may use and beat the slave at any time. That a slave has the right to scream, but the master has the right to gag her if that disturbs him. And so on. I found it completely illogical how such a life should function. I found the term “Taken In Hand” for the passive part of a DD relationship bulky and inappropriate.

Now we are together for a year

And we have essentially built up a set of rules on our own, starting from a blank page. The resulting ruleset goes much further than almost all the rules I have ever read. We would have found people with shouch a ruleset weird, one year ago.

And now we both find it better from experience that the man is in charge. That it’s a kind of ignoring degradation not to use the lady regularly. That there are situations in which it makes sense to slap the lady several times in order to give her support in the relationship again. That it’s unfortunate that you can’t leave the lady chained at night more often because of the children.

Today I started to take more bank cards from my lady. Since yesterday she has to ask permission when she leaves the house (unless she goes to work). I’ve taken over the mail accounts and Facebook vour weeks ago.

She recently painted a picture of a bird in a golden cage. The bird is her. I was afraid for a long time to break the bird if I locked it up. Instead, I experience the bird blooming as I slowly but surely build rod by rod.

It blooms because I take it in my hand.

‘Muggles, Part 2′ aka “Building a social network of SM loving people III’

Good morning 🙂

Do you remember the “Muggles“-Posting? My lady and me had to choose between a birthday full of party people… and a fetish party.

We went to the birthday. We had some fear, how well we would fit in there. We had learned to not fit good in a group of normal people.

To sum it up: it went well.

At first, I stuck me and my lady to the one and only gay person ion the room. We had a nice talk with him. There were several situations, where he talked about problems in the big family… he had problems in being “special” in his big family…

… and we got the used situation of “not being able to talk about the things which we are really interested in”. We could have talked with this gay guy, some people around him, about our topics. But we felt this not fitting.

THEN we changed to an other person. A “girl” of 30-40yrs. She asked, where we both met.

I paused.

And paused.

And thinked.

She said: “Well, of course you can just make up some spontaneous story…” .

I thought “no”.

I answered “on a social network of SM-affine people”.

“Cooooooooooooooool. Wow, you’re soooo open with that. Can I ask you some questions??????”

We did not come out of those questions for two hours. The host came along “Ohhh. THAT topic. Cool”. He liked that this was talked on his party. Some time later the host came along again “Ups. Still same topic???”. And he went by.

In the beginning there was an annoying point in the questions. After some minutes we were asked “Do you have rules? Please give us one. At least one. Pleeeeeeease.” I shouted “Hei. We are in no animal park here?”

But then it continued nice!???? My ladies scarf around the neck – hiding the collar – went of in minutes. We just behaved as we do. My lady sitting below me, me giving a massage to the head… we both sitting on a terace, me on the couch, she with her head on my knees… beautiful 🙂 .