Comments on the series of articles

The week was too fast. I couldn’t keep writing the articles.

In terms of me personally

I may have had my successes every day. But I was partly overburdened.

The week ended with me hardly being able to sleep at night. During the day there was more going on than my head could handle before sleep. And so the head did it at night instead.

In the end, I pulled the emergency brake at various points. I decided to pull some brakes on my life. At least temporarily. I started to drink chamomile tea in the evening instead of a glass of martini. I began to set stronger boundaries for the children, stronger boundaries for the customers. I began again to teach the children more about the all-round benefits of loving and considerate interaction with each other and began to lead the way myself stronger. But I also forbade my youngest for a few days to come to me at night to cuddle. I stopped writing the notes that would become the basis of the series of articles.

In other words: this week was perhaps partly typical. But still clearly too intense. I’m not 16 anymore either. And some things went wrong. To correct this I needed for example the time it took to write notes.

With regard to the articles

I had the plan to simply write down informally without preparing the content. I realized that this was not practical.

A few things got lost in the speed with which I wrote the notes. Among other things the consensus in the house and with my lady.

For example, if I write in the subordinate clause that I pulled my lady on my cock while she was still tied up lying next to me, we are talking about a process in which my lady in 100% of all samples is so wet after a few minutes in the crotch that I am virtually pulled into her when I start to penetrate.

My lady recently sent me an article in which a women’s page illuminates the topic “Christian Domestic Discipline”. The writers of the article generally doubted that a real consensus existed. The article writer also argued that there is often a sexual component to Christian Domestic Discipline. And that was the real consensus. I do not want to discuss Christian Domestic Discipline here. But in reflecting on it, it became clear to us once again that THIS is what we have here.

(By the way: I deliberately do not want to open the door to a discussion of aspects of the Christian Domestic Discipline here. We are in the SM-orientated DD . That’s the point).

If I write about children as well as of my lady, the following also applies: children only see a tender couple. A couple that is tender, gives tenderness and preaches loving and considerate interaction.

What we do when they are asleep is far beyond their imagination of us. Because they could not understand the consensus. They understand the loving couple. And that’s where it has to stay. What we do belongs apart from the kids. No exceptions, no excuses.

And this is not only our task, but I would like to give SM-people, who are reading this, not even the chance of any other semmingly model. Part of my overload this week was to keep all the balls, including children, running in high quality. And when I was getting more and more tired, it was my job to make sure that it works again.

6 thoughts on “Comments on the series of articles”

  1. Vielen Dank für das Schreiben.
    Ich lese den Blog mit grossem Interesse.
    Ich lebe in einer sehr ähnlichen Beziehungsform.
    Allerdings sind meine Kinder Erwachsen und mein HERR hat keine Kinder.
    Ich finde es sehr intressant zu erfahren wie ihr das mit Kindern im Alltag lebt.
    Wobei ich mich frage, ob die Kinder nicht mehr wahrnehmen als man glaubt.
    Also nicht definitiv sichtbare Dinge, dass kann man verhindern, aber so gewisse Schwingungen.
    Ich habe zu meinem mittlerweile 21 jährigem Sohn immer ein sehr enges Verhältnis gehabt und er hätte ein Unwohlsein von mir in Gegenwart des Partners oder ähnliches sicher wahrgenommen.
    Du hast an einer früheren Stelle von einer Angstproblematik geschrieben, die ihr lösen konntet.
    Solche Dinge meine ich.

    Um auf die Frage nach der Christian DD zu kommen:
    Ich nenne das Progressive Domestic Discipline , nach einem Buch gleichen Titels , in dem das wie ich finde, sehr gut beschrieben ist.

    Alles Liebe

  2. Hallo Chrstina,

    ich verstehe gar nicht, warum ich hier scheinbar nicht geantwortet habe?

    Das Buch kennen wir. Wir fraßen es sozusagen auf. Aaaaaber: wir fanden auch, dass die Autorin “predigt”. Sie stellt Kernthesen auf und wiederholt sie dauernd 🙂 . Und wieder und wieder.

    Das Gedankengut hat uns dennoch stark inspiriert!


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