One week Head of Home with six kids – Wednesday

Disclaimer: this article is part of a series of articles, the writing of which I broke off and which I commented on afterwards. Please read the comments.

03:00: my smallest one comes to me and cuddles. He would like me to turn to him and cuddle on. We have discussions about the fact that we have to sleep. While I would have to sleep. Thinking about finances gets me thinking. In the end, I can’t really sleep anymore.

06:00: wake my lady, pull her on my dick, have her bring me coffee. Tiiiired.

06:45: get out of bed, wake up my oldest. Great. The kids took powdered sugar into the kids’ rooms, made a mess of it. Get a vacuum cleaner, ask one of the causers to clean it up. He does it!? Shower. The littlest of my lady asks me if I could bring him today. I promise to see if that’s possible. Background: if all the children are done early enough, I can actually bring them all right now. My lady can then start work earlier. Once again I explain to all the children – one by one and in peace and quiet – that they have to listen to the new housekeeper, otherwise it won’t be nice here. We would really have to send children who do nonsense, with jacket outside in the sandbox or something similar. The children seem to understand.

07:40: I am ready to go!? All children are dressed and in the car. That’s soon enough that I can just do all the kids in one tour. Cool 😊.

Afterwards disillusionment: the smallest of my lady cries, he wants to be brought by mummy. Cries.

Darn it. I can’t change that anymore.

We go. Two minutes later he’s fine. I ask him, I’m sorry that he was so sad – but how that has to do with the fact that he wanted to be brought by me before. He explains that he did not mean that I would bring him. He asked Mum when he asked.

Well great 😊 . No way. We discussed this differently 😊. Well. Adjust the crown, continue.

07:45: Dumping my oldest in front of his school. It’s noticeable that the kids don’t do nonsense anymore compared to yesterday. So it is going really well again!

07:55: Unloading my oldest lady in front of her school.

08:00: Unloading some of the children in the first childcare

08:15: Unloading the other part of the children in the second childcare

08:25: Picking out a thick pile of medical invoices and reminders. Sort which reminder belongs to which invoice. Transfer per transaction according to the last letter. Scan the first letter (invoice) and forward it to the insurance company. File everything.

10:00: Working; by the way, messages from my lady, she longs for the cane.

13:00: first my oldest, then the oldest of my lady from school comes again. Today is going really well? Inner jubilation: the children themselves have understood that it will not work like yesterday! It has worked until here without further pressure to get back to normal mode?? Cool.

14:00: Lunch

16:00: the next children come out of the care; take children, talk to them, give them some painting templates. Work. Generally happy about the great children. Admire works of children now and then.

17:50: my lady comes back. A short time later there is dinner. Hardly a child does nonsense. Nice food, reading history, sleeping, cuddling. Conversation with the combat cuddler from last night: he is dead tired. Because he slept as little at night as I did. He’s welcome to come to my place. But we both have to be able to sleep. A 10-minute discussion.

20:20: before I go to my eldest – still in the tour to cuddle with all the children – instruction to my lady: I would like you to kneel naked in the playroom when I come back. Waiting with wrist lifting restraints. And please with candles. Cuddle with my oldest.

20:35: finished with my eldest. Entering game room. Hanging my lady with spread arms. I give her the view. Beat her with a barbed-wire whip so that she’s constant between whining and crying. Then beat her 100 times with a bullwhip. Hang her up, ask her to kneel before me. Place me in an armchair. Ask her to take off my socks. She does. Ask her to kiss my feet. She does. After a while, I ask her to satisfy me. She sinks completely into the role of the waitress. Don’t think about it. It’s downright reverent in the act of gratification. I take her into the bedroom, chain her up.

22:00: I go back to my eldest. He’s not asleep yet. I’m going to lie down next to him for a little while. He’ll be close to sleeping in a few minutes. At this point I better go back to my chained lady and lie down next to her. Sleeping.

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