One week Head of Home with six kids – Thursday

Disclaimer: this article is part of a series of articles, the writing of which I broke off and which I commented on afterwards. Please read the comments.

6:00: I wake up. Paradise!?? I slept through it!?? Wow. No kid next to us. That’s rare. I put my still tied lady’s head on my dick, then penetrate her. I unchain her, ask for a phone and coffee. Afterwards cuddling (her in my lap, me reading, drinking coffee).

06:50: Wake up my oldest. Showers. Prepare children (let them prepare).

07:50: I take my children to the facilities, my lady takes her children.

8:15: home. Fill the washing machine. Clear the floor. Run vacuum cleaner robot.

08:30: my lady comes back from taking her children away. I am happy to see her. Take her into the living room by the collar. Ask her to pick out a cane for me to beat her with. She comes back with a cane. Takes off the shoes that I still have on. I take her to the couch. Maintenance.

08:50: I’m sitting in a nearby coffee shop. Preparing our financial plan for 2020.

12:00: Phone call to one of the big clients.

13:15: home. Conversations with the children present, cuddling. Homework. Work.

15:00: more children arrive. I have to go out to see a potential client again. Leave the house.

15:45: emergency call from the housekeeper: one of my lady’s children does not want to follow her home from the care. I ask her to call the mother. Another 10min later I leave the appointment on another call of her and go to the care facility.

16:10: in the car I receive the call of the housekeeper: the child now follows her voluntarily. I did not have to come anymore. Great. I call the customer’s contact person and continue with the phone call. Work. Kids play great. Admire children now and then. Handing out painting templates.

18:00: Dinner, reading bed stories, putting children to bed.

19:45: Wow. All children are in bed. Sit in the armchair, let my lady bring the laptop and the leash. She also gets her work laptop, sits down next to me. I write the notes of the two days.

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