One week Head of Home with six kids – Tuesday

Disclaimer: this article is part of a series of articles, the writing of which I broke off and which I commented on afterwards. Please read the comments.

5:30am: my youngest crawls into bed with me. Cuddles. I cuddle him into me – actually want to sleep on. He continues. He gives me swings. As I am lying to my lady, he actually wakes us both. At some point I tell him that I would like to cuddle up with him, but that sleep is the order now. He can’t wake us up.

I go to the toilet first so that his cuddling is interrupted and he can hopefully fall asleep. I notice it’s already half past five.

6:00am: my lady’s second youngest comes to bed with us. Slowly the children wake each other up. Insanely loving cuddling around us among all the boys, from the boys to us and from me. Before it gets too active – the room is still dark – I grab the key and unlock my lady.

6:15am: in a mixture of the children realizing that they cannot go on flirting in their parents’ bedroom at night forever without parents getting angry and the fact that they actually want to get out of bed themselves, they get up.

I pull my lady on my dick. Ask her to bring me my cell phone and a coffee fast.

Cuddling, getting satisfied and reading from my phone.

6:50am: wake up my eldest. See what the little ones are doing. Tell them that in about 40 minutes a taxi will come for me and they have to go to kindergarten/school.

7:00am: Shower. Get ready. Finalizing the children.

7:40am: all children say goodbye to me in the taxi, cuddling and pushing me. Afterwards they get into the car to my lady and are taken to kindergarten and school.

8:00am: arrival at the airport. Start generating the boarding pass online in my mobile phone, because I need it to pass the first checkpoint.

8:20am: Arrive at gate. Buy breakfast. Noticing that my lady’s children have been dancing on her nose. She is frustrated. The children shouldn’t have had any fun this way either.

8:30am: Phone call with the first customer. Parallel boarding.

9:00am: Departure for customer appointment.

11:10am: Arrival at the customer.

11:20am: The boss of the person with whom I’m appointed – who was an important communication target for the day – has no time. He at least notices that he actually had an appointment with me. Accompanies us at lunch. Afterwards he can be quickly briefed. I’m glad I did the handouts last night. (The man approved >80T$ orders to me. I want him to know what the result is)

4:00pm: in the cab again at the client

4:30pm: I read in Telegram that my lady had to go home from work because the children simply did not listen to the housekeeper in my absence. Called the children (via the housekeeper) via WhatsApp (video conference). I look into a pale face of the housekeeper and happy faces of the children. I asked the children nicely what was going on with them. I wouldn’t know what they were doing – but that X (my lady) had to come home now would sound to me like the beginning of something really stupid. They had to listen to Y – otherwise it wouldn’t work. What they do could not end well. I remained friendly. It was clear that I wouldn’t be there anyway, but I would worry.

My eldest pulled a “whoops” face. He obviously knows what I’m talking about. The others look at me with a mixture of concern and curiosity. My lady plans are, after she has left work in an emergency – so that she can continue working at home and the children remember this – to send all the children to their room one by one. Then there will be dinner. Then they will all go back to their room. I won’t be home until just before eight.

Security check, buy juice spritzer, Boarding.

7:00pm: touchdown. Read from my lady that the kids seemed sweet. Anyway, no sleeping. Waiting for me.

7:30pm: arrival at home by taxi. Talking to the children’s conscience. Being happy about the beautiful playing children. Announcement that I will tell the housekeeper tomorrow that all children who do nonsense should be sent to their room. Not only because of Z (the housekeeper), but also so that the others can play properly and it is nice in the house.

8:45pm: cuddling, massaging, tickling, etc. with all children.

Translate these texts here, post them in the blog.

9:45: a little maintenance.

10:00: check if my oldest is sleeping. Because he didn’t before. Result: he lies in the dark room, but is not asleep yet. Uuuuhoh, he’ll be tired tomorrow. I lie down next to him for 2 minutes. He falls asleep in these two minutes, as if I’d pulled the plug. Sweet child ?? .

22:30: evening conversation with my lady, during which she says, that she thinks she needs to be really heavy spanked again. Sleeping.

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