Top is baking Sub – Sub is baking Top

One of our first texts is the one on the start page. Among other things, it says that we wanted to let you participate in how we are changing.

A short general remark: we don’t get to describe this in detail anymore 🙈. We would sit for hours in front of the computer. Much more hours than we can reasonably invest. We can only catch up slowly from behind. I’m just afraid that we’re moving on and on – and that we’ll never be able to catch up at the end.

One aspect of this change is a conversation I had with my lady about half a year ago. At that time I noticed somewhat horrified that she doesn’t like certain things I do with her at all 😨.

She said that she did not want to be chained up at night. She did not like sleeping naked next to me. She doesn’t like me laying out her clothes either. She generally has a different idea of the weighting of giving children love and structure in the task of “being a parent”.

It turned out that she did not like the individual aspects so much – but she liked the overall picture of ” abandoning” herself 😘. From this overall picture, in turn, it was protective to be restrained. It was easier to accept taking care of children as the master does. To be constrained. Not having to think about what you want. What to wear – because it is easier to wear what the master lays out than to discuss it with him. Not having to think about whether you want sex at night – because you are chained anyway and the crotch is exposed thanks to nudity – not having to think about whether you want to satisfy – because it is easier to do that than to take what happens when you are forced.

All in all, it turned out that she feels deeply secure in taking on what I want.

I came across the phrase “Oops. I’m baking my custom-made sub” in my head. So where are my lady’s needs then 😯?

I found it partly as scary, partly as beautiful, when I understood that my lady finally was adapting to me with much love and devotion in many things.

That is now some months ago. I do not know exactly when. From this point on we went on walking anyway. And it changed us, too. I learned, for example, that it is important to take my lady’s devotion in a disciplined way. And also to give security in a disciplined way by forcing continuity in rules and in our behaviour. This is so easy to write here – but it also means that sometimes you’ re dead tired and take time for things you would not do after pure fun 😜. Because you realize that they are important for the other side.

My lady enjoys being forced. It’s really liberating for her to be able to enjoy things without having to think about how much she wants them – because otherwise she will be forced anyway. She lives the dream of the helpless slave, which has been existing since puberty. It should be noted again that all this only works because I am only happy when she is – and would not show any behaviour in which she is regularly dissatisfied.

This in turn leads to sub also “baking” her top. Which theoretically forces her into forms and is happy to see her come out of the form. But in the end he only does what makes the cake feel good, because otherwise it would taste bitter to everyone.

The end result is that we as a couple show a behaviour in which we do what we think is good for the other. We change in the process. Slip deeper into certain behaviors. Acquire new ones. And are highly harmonious 😊 .

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