The noticeable end (2nd try)

I had prepared a very long article. “The noticable end.” It dealt with topics that had somehow condensed over the years and culminated at the end of 2020.

In the end, it was much too long. But I couldn’t shorten it either. It had to become rather longer.

In short: the sub of my lady had seen a pattern in certain characteristics of my lady. A pattern, which I had recognized in the approach, for whose correctness I had developed however a kind of blindness. A pattern which also applied to him.

That sub took a psychological test with her. A recognized, externally obtained test.

Unfortunately, the pattern is socially stigmatized. The fact that I would associate it with BDSM in a narrative thread here would, in my opinion, bring with it the duty of a high degree of care.

Because of the social stigma, it was intense for us that my lady responded to the test. She bought a book on the subject. We read a lot on the subject. We talked a lot about it.

In the process, an infinite number of thoughts arose. As I am, I wrote an article as an experience report. In the end, the article was long. And yet it was still far too short in terms of content. As hard as I tried, it was still too sketchy.

It turned out that the topic would be more suitable for a separate blog, rather than trying to cover it in passing. It would also shape the content of this blog here. And here it is supposed to be about Domestic Discipline, BDSM, our development, the difficulties of everyday life, etc. I could not have started this content and dealt with it properly. And so I deleted the article again.

Final result

We got through that test very precisely explained, why my lady is “different” to me. Since then we know even more than before that we have to talk to each other about impressions. Because we now know a system according to which we automatically talk past each other if we are not careful. And finally, very clear instructions for dealing with my lady can be derived.

I had my lady fill out the test for her ex-partner as a makeshift. Even if the answers often turned out differently, he would therefore also have to be classified as “positive”. In relation to my stepchildren, I found this rather frightening. It creeped me out what answers to certain oddities would directly result. It creeped me out that the kids are there with him alone. But the ex-partner is by no means incapable of parenting. Also systematically puts the kids in outside care. The children don’t find him or my lady strange. They know their parents as they are. We have a strong counterpart in me. Furthermore, over the last few years, my wife has adapted much of my behavior to the outside world and has also found it beautiful for herself.

We put the matter aside. We will probably not tell anyone about our self-made diagnosis. We don’t need a medical diagnosis either. It would do more harm than good.

We take it as a working thesis that my lady and her ex-partner are to be sorted into the appropriate behavioral spectrum. This helps to understand many things. It clarifies whole behavioral groups and their differences. It helps insofar to manage life better. Since in the case of my lady and her ex-partner nobody noticed what was going on for 30 years… one can simply leave it at that.

Live, corona and everything, part IV

At some point, we had simply overdone it. How we had gotten there was not entirely clear to me.

There were various partial aspects. One was that I was exhausted. In the second half of the year, it was just too crowded. In the anxiety about cash flow, I had brought in way too much work. There were also real under-recoveries from the first half of the year that had to be made up.

Furthermore, in the context of the Corona lockdown, the SM parties were missing. And so we went to many events. But somehow we did this like restless vampires, who feed on animal blood, can’t get enough and jump on the next animal. We needed parties where I could tie my lady to the ceiling and let people use her. What we had were nice weekends in pools of scene folks, bondage workshops (with safety distance, air filters, etc.) and other stuff. Lots of that.

I performed at work, performed to the kids, performed to my lady. But it became a lot. In the bondage workshops, I lost my nerve some of the time. I was asked to continue tying up my lady. But I didn’t want to do that at all. I also could have had tea after a couple of hours of workshops. Not exactly what the workshop leader was aiming for.

And things like that dragged on. You did so much that somehow you didn’t really do it anymore.

Timed to parallel the end of this phase was the bed mentioned in the previous article. My lady’s sub was at our house all the time. If the two built, I worked partly. If someone else was there I had less interest in talking to my lady. There was no couple time anyway. This in turn meant that we had even less couple time.

We came back from a tour one weekend. We had actually had a bondage workshop that weekend. In addition, we were asked if we didn’t want to spend a nice evening with some S&M’ers in a (closed) club in a major European city for a donation to the coffee fund. We did not miss that. Thus the weekend was filled but also once again to bursting.

When we came back, my lady was – felt – meowy. I locked her in the cage in the living room and discussed the issue with her. She started to cry spontaneously, she would miss me. I was only in front of her nose, but not there. We didn’t talk enough. I was so far away. And whether I had actually noticed how long she had not had any more orgasms. Etc.

Here began a turning point.

A phase followed in which we talked much more with each other. In which I valued talking to her more. In which I was more thorough in making sure she came regularly. And we talked even more. And even more.

Soon the next lockdown began and we had more time for ourselves. The lockdown almost forced one to take time for the children, the relationship and the work. It was good for work. It was good for the relationship, too. We had time for ourselves. Learned a lot by switching over 1-2 weeks (separate article). That went well.

Currently the lockdown is getting harder. The children are at home. We had to send some of the daycare home because one of the children was quarantined by the government. You just notice again that I have to take care of the separation between the children and us.Or rather, I have to support them (my lady does this more instinctively than I do; see again the topic “noticable end”). This is going to be an exciting time in a way that I’m starting to get tired of.

But it’s nice to see that our basics are working. There will be various breaks coming up in the near future to catch my breath. I’m looking forward to them…

Live, corona end everything, part III

I often philosophized with my lady casually that it would be nice if I could just put her in a cage under our bed in the evenings.

Surprisingly, as with so many things I say, this had the effect that she decided to build one. She began sketches. She thought about using timber framing. She philosophized about how to design the cage door.We considered that the bed should be wide in tendency so that children could still fit next to us. It should perhaps offer ceiling bars so bondage could be done to it. Illumination would still be an issue…it should possibly be integrated.

She planned to use a 3 week vacation in the fall to get the bed semi-finished.

I was totally knackered at that phase. Between way too much work, the kids, and the relationship, I was watching to get stuff done. I maybe helped build the bed once in a while. Watched with interest. Liked it. But after three weeks, unfortunately, it ended up that actually only the wood was there. Purchased, sawed to fit, grinded, coated. But nothing more. It still had to be assembled. We suspected that this would be considerable work.

My lady’s sub was called in partly to help, partly he was happy to lend a hand. The two built. With highest accuracy. My tendency to use 80% solutions here and there was mostly ignored. I also did not want to impose myself in this matter. If I had done things myself as an 80% solution, I would not have really helped either. Rather I would have harmed, because it would have insulted the work and accuracy of the two also.

So that sub was with us regularly. I found it exhausting. But I could not throw him out. After all, he was helping with something that I could not complete in a timely manner. In the end, I would have had to do his work myself and I knew I couldn’t do that. And he did it better than I could have, too. This led to me working in the evenings while they were building. Went to bed late, hardly talked to each other. Tended to be tired.

In the end, there was the bed.

A building in our bedroom. Conspicuous already when walking through the hallway. Timber frame, without screws. Mostly plugged in with wooden dowels. Not creaking.

I already mentioned that I had a board for the head concerning some characteristics of my lady and that sub brought about a “thick end” towards the end of the year. Here again mentioned: my lady is no carpenter. She had never built a bed. But it stands there now.

As a construction, an element of our bedroom that makes it a hideaway for both of us. The bed is a work that you do not want to leave. And there is none on sight of hundreds of miles that I know of that comes close to being comparable. This is THE SM bed. And we know many locations from the inside 🙂 .

Of course, it also has a cage under the bed. Thanks to the framework, it is implemented so that the cage is not recognizable as such. Who is inside, does not come out. However, the children – thanks to the absence of bars and other features – lack the recognition of the pattern “cage”. They can tell a lot in kindergarten and school… A lot has to happen before an educator realizes what we are talking about.

We told the children that we didn’t want them to go on a wild goose chase down there, and that’s why there was a lockable door. The reasoning lasts a few years for now. The children also fit through the gaps. They go in and out down there. Prohibitively. But it is just a dark padded slightly hidden room. An ideal cave. The youngest of my lady has recently secretly gone to sleep there. Snuck in, covered up and kept his mouth shut. In no time, the little man slept a blissful sleep.

My lady has rarely slept in this cage so far. It was thrilling on both sides to put her in there. I knew she felt comfortable lying down alone, yet protected.

But I was lying alone. And so did she.

We rarely did that in retrospect.

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Live, corona and everything, part II

My lady now has a sub. She originally asked if she could have a bondage partner. This was during the time we had a rather empty house because of Corona.

My lady is great in bondage. Looking back, it was once again remarkably self-taught – but we know that about her. She had experienced bondage only as a passive during professional bondage lessons for me. And tied it down correctly virtually blindly after this. I didn’t notice that particularly. She had, after all, built bullwhips off the bat. And tinkered for children here and there works of art. All this autodidactics came to a noticable end at the end of the year.

But in the middle of the year it ended in the fact that I didn’t have enough fun with it in the long run. On the one hand, one must limitingly say that I like the handling of the ropes in principle – but not much more. We had a big difference there. On the other hand, however, I did not find it easy to remember every twist and knot. I used her partially as a encyclopedia when, for example, I didn’t know when putting on the 3-TK whether a rope had to be passed around at this or that point at the top or bottom. However, we both didn’t get into a good flow that way. It was better if she did it with someone else.

Our house was “empty” in a sense anyway via a Corona lockdown. We had the kids. But social contacts were lacking. Why not bring in S&M’ers? If anyone, it would be them. This thinking ended up in my lady, who could only work part-time, tying up her bondage partner in the living room, while I watched with headset to get Corona-conditioned contracts again. Or got me a coffee during phone calls and was happy that freshly used whips, canes etc. were lying around in the living room and we had SM life in the house.

The bondage partnership developed into a sub/dom relationship. As long as one can call this relationship. But “something” is there. You can call it whatever you want.

My lady is a nasty, mean, matter-of-fact sadist. Hums while tormenting. And looks amazing doing it.

Meanwhile, she regularly pursues her hobby of torturing her subbie. Partly at our house. Partly with him. Partly – due to corona – not at all.

How am I doing? Actually good. It is good and I always wanted her to have hobbies.

This is somehow not an answer to the question, how am I doing with it.

But it is an important partial effect. I saw my lady a bit skeptical about low social contact for a long time. I wanted her to bring in other inputs. She didn’t show much interest in social contact (another one of those points that ended up in that “noticable ending” at the end of the year). Wanted to be with me. I found the combination creepy. Found it desirable that she does something. Now she’s tormenting her subbie. Or enjoys an evening talking to him.

I hung restlessly on my cell phone the first night she wasn’t at our house. Watched her position report (which I can view). Didn’t fall asleep. Checked again to make sure she hadn’t left. Turned over in bed again. Looked again briefly at the cell phone. Well great.

I was not feeling very well. But I wanted it to happen. And there was no reason to refuse it. My dear lady is hyperloyal. And obedient. She only takes what I approve. So that was perfectly fine.

Over the weeks, I got used to it. And the guy is a good one. Brought us that “noticable end” at the end of the year. Nothing nasty. He just put things together with a high analytical talent, for which I had probably developed a kind of blindness.

Live, corona and everything, part I

We started this blog with the goal of telling you about our changes.

Some of them have happened. Quite positive ones. But you hardly get to celebrate your successes… because life currently feels like an express train with us.

Regarding our relationship, many things have remained constant. The children are getting older and more mature. The first child has been getting grades in school since the summer and is doing well. The group of 6 of our children is becoming a squad of stepbrothers who help each other. In this way, they get along more on their own. The older ones can print out coloring pictures for the younger ones. The younger ones don’t break as much anymore. The kids watch TV on their own on weekend mornings. That’s partly dumb. But the deal with them was “whoever wakes up in the morning doesn’t wake up other kids but gets to turn on the TV”. So on average they sleep longer at the weekend. But it has become a ritual with them, which they like. And we (now comes the important part) can stay peacefully in bed during that time. And recover from the week. There is more time to give love to the children. My lady still sleeps tied up beside me, she doesn’t know if I use her from the beginning of this helplessness in one of the three possible entrances or if she can’t defend herself against being beaten. I put out her clothes in the morning. She uses the formal form to me and mostly talks around it to the kids. She is a bit scared of me, at a level that is mutually acknowledged as helpful. I love her glow when I touch her indecently – she knows she better let me – and she is simply happy.

So far so good.

Still, life runs fast trains with us. At least I need sleep on the weekend. But at the latest around half past seven I get awake.

About Corona we are both now for months permanently at home. The children as well. Our landlady has quit, we have to find a new one as soon as possible.The first one we hired went back to her old employer. The second one we wanted to hire turned us down. Reason: she did not dare to take responsibility for 6 children.

My company is doing well. I now have two students as employees. I will probably be able to hire one of them permanently in a few months. In the second half of the year, the company had tremendous sales. Unfortunately, the work was probably objectively too much – it still has to be worked off in 2021 what was promised for 2020. As part of all my acquisitions, I at least managed to place the company as part of a government funded consortium – which will be a significant source of revenue for the company for 4 years. With which I can pay my employee, for example. Our house now has a gigabit connection. My lady, like me, has adaptive noise-canceling headphones. Two videoconferences while there are 6 kids in the house due to Corona? Works for me…

Unfortunately, a thousand reasons to spend money can also be found. The boys are simply eating the hair off our heads. When food is delivered for six children, a small truck comes. At the end of the week we have a lot of garbage, neatly sorted into plastic (for recycling), paper, glass, compost and rest. At least, thanks to waste separation, we can limit the latter item to about 80l per 2 weeks. The boys regularly need new clothes due to growth, dig holes in the lawn, destroy garden furniture. Borrow knives from the kitchen that come back broken. The expense items that go back to “goofing off” are really dwindling…. But are still there. I think underspends on such things are fluidly exchanged for overspends on food. On the side, one still has to pay money as divorce settlement for the ex. Lawyers still cost money. And we are managing to bring all that up…. It is also slowly getting better and better structure. But it’s a lot.

And so life goes on.

Couple relationship? It is going on. But I’ll take that in the following article.

And then Corona came

I haven’t written for some time. That was because of two things.

One, I suffered from insomnia. That’s why I even went to the doctor towards the end. And complimented my youngest out of our bed. It was just too much from the impressions during the day and the responsibility of financing this whole place. And I didn’t even know then that Corona was coming, or what it meant.

On the other hand Corona came. Every day the children at home. Landlady moved to the core hours of our work schedule. In the house at the beginning of Corona massively renovated, to have the structures for the higher density of people present. Getting up very early in the morning to tunnel the waking hours of the children. In the evening only late rest… there was not much in between.

One thing I can say: I have matured in my role as HOH. And my lady in her role as “mine”. One of mine worked like crazy in Q2 to keep existing clients and acquire new ones at the same time. My lady worked (forced, though gladly taken) at home, and caught what fell down.

We isolated ourselves. The food was brought by the delivery service (10-20 bags per week). The rest Amazon. We barely left the house. I was one of the first people to have masks. For 250Eur. 25 masks. Life went on with our set of rules. My lady got beaten every day. Was used. I got the counterparts.

Pleasure: the children came together in patchwork. While before, some of my lady’s and my children were still rejecting each other, that went away in a few weeks. Background: all child care was closed. When there were only the alternatives of being alone at home full of boredom or having the others, they learned to appreciate each other more constantly. When they were at our partners or partly alone with us, boredom broke out boundlessly. I am glad that we have a house and a landlady.

But: we were constantly exhausted. We did what you have to do. But a certain lameness had come in unnoticed.

One weekend turned the tide.

Friday: we went to the forest with friends. We had organized that. Motto: “One bullwhip length of distance is enough”. With an announcement that you wear masks. Everyone brought food. It was a picnic. Afterwards, we beat each other up. It was a great picture when my lady and a friend bullwhipped a contestant. Great photos, great videos. On the other hand, one noticed: such pictures would not have been taken in any club in the world. It worked exactly in such small environments like our forest group, which would not have existed like this before. It was cold. Everyone was wearing clothes. Even the Subbies. We noticed with pleasure that it hurts even through the clothes. And there were also traces. All in all, it was a bit of a snap, just because of the temperature. As we sat there, we saw it as a snap idea. But at the same time, everyone was happy and sent messages afterwards about how great it was and that it would have to be repeated.

Saturday / Sunday: We visited a bondage workshop. Exemplary organized. So that in case of doubt, governmental authorities came in and found out that all regulations were followed. Those who didn’t wear a mask had to keep silent. Distance was kept. On the toilet and in front of it disinfectant (one “shared” the door handle 🙂 . Existing concept with checklist. Instruction of the participants in the checklist. And so on. The course instructor had simply started mentally to look for solutions.

On the return trip on Sunday I called friends. We would now be looking for people who were looking for solutions. I partly only heard a ” say up something”. It did not matter what it was about. They all wanted to. I gave out the slogan, we wanted to have normal people in the house again. And I meant the dear S&M people. From whom we had learned that without them, our relationship would somehow diminish.

We started to organize living room parties again. With mask. With an evacuation plan in case of surprise visits by the local authorities. My lady got the permission to find a bondage partner and caught herself de facto a Subbi. We built our own messenger (matrix-based) to communicate more closely. I walked around the house partly using a headset – my less working lady and tortured her less working Subbi. Great view.

My acquisition work in Q2 bore fruit. I am simply full in Q3. I don’t know how I’m going to get the work done. And at the end of Q3 I’ll have a nice full company account – as long as I can get the work done. Which seems to work.

It’s a breathless time. You have to see how you get by. There are a lot of balls in the air and you have to keep them up. But it’s also a time that leaves room for change.

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Comments on the series of articles

The week was too fast. I couldn’t keep writing the articles.

In terms of me personally

I may have had my successes every day. But I was partly overburdened.

The week ended with me hardly being able to sleep at night. During the day there was more going on than my head could handle before sleep. And so the head did it at night instead.

In the end, I pulled the emergency brake at various points. I decided to pull some brakes on my life. At least temporarily. I started to drink chamomile tea in the evening instead of a glass of martini. I began to set stronger boundaries for the children, stronger boundaries for the customers. I began again to teach the children more about the all-round benefits of loving and considerate interaction with each other and began to lead the way myself stronger. But I also forbade my youngest for a few days to come to me at night to cuddle. I stopped writing the notes that would become the basis of the series of articles.

In other words: this week was perhaps partly typical. But still clearly too intense. I’m not 16 anymore either. And some things went wrong. To correct this I needed for example the time it took to write notes.

With regard to the articles

I had the plan to simply write down informally without preparing the content. I realized that this was not practical.

A few things got lost in the speed with which I wrote the notes. Among other things the consensus in the house and with my lady.

For example, if I write in the subordinate clause that I pulled my lady on my cock while she was still tied up lying next to me, we are talking about a process in which my lady in 100% of all samples is so wet after a few minutes in the crotch that I am virtually pulled into her when I start to penetrate.

My lady recently sent me an article in which a women’s page illuminates the topic “Christian Domestic Discipline”. The writers of the article generally doubted that a real consensus existed. The article writer also argued that there is often a sexual component to Christian Domestic Discipline. And that was the real consensus. I do not want to discuss Christian Domestic Discipline here. But in reflecting on it, it became clear to us once again that THIS is what we have here.

(By the way: I deliberately do not want to open the door to a discussion of aspects of the Christian Domestic Discipline here. We are in the SM-orientated DD . That’s the point).

If I write about children as well as of my lady, the following also applies: children only see a tender couple. A couple that is tender, gives tenderness and preaches loving and considerate interaction.

What we do when they are asleep is far beyond their imagination of us. Because they could not understand the consensus. They understand the loving couple. And that’s where it has to stay. What we do belongs apart from the kids. No exceptions, no excuses.

And this is not only our task, but I would like to give SM-people, who are reading this, not even the chance of any other semmingly model. Part of my overload this week was to keep all the balls, including children, running in high quality. And when I was getting more and more tired, it was my job to make sure that it works again.

One week Head of Home with six kids – Thursday

Disclaimer: this article is part of a series of articles, the writing of which I broke off and which I commented on afterwards. Please read the comments.

6:00: I wake up. Paradise!?? I slept through it!?? Wow. No kid next to us. That’s rare. I put my still tied lady’s head on my dick, then penetrate her. I unchain her, ask for a phone and coffee. Afterwards cuddling (her in my lap, me reading, drinking coffee).

06:50: Wake up my oldest. Showers. Prepare children (let them prepare).

07:50: I take my children to the facilities, my lady takes her children.

8:15: home. Fill the washing machine. Clear the floor. Run vacuum cleaner robot.

08:30: my lady comes back from taking her children away. I am happy to see her. Take her into the living room by the collar. Ask her to pick out a cane for me to beat her with. She comes back with a cane. Takes off the shoes that I still have on. I take her to the couch. Maintenance.

08:50: I’m sitting in a nearby coffee shop. Preparing our financial plan for 2020.

12:00: Phone call to one of the big clients.

13:15: home. Conversations with the children present, cuddling. Homework. Work.

15:00: more children arrive. I have to go out to see a potential client again. Leave the house.

15:45: emergency call from the housekeeper: one of my lady’s children does not want to follow her home from the care. I ask her to call the mother. Another 10min later I leave the appointment on another call of her and go to the care facility.

16:10: in the car I receive the call of the housekeeper: the child now follows her voluntarily. I did not have to come anymore. Great. I call the customer’s contact person and continue with the phone call. Work. Kids play great. Admire children now and then. Handing out painting templates.

18:00: Dinner, reading bed stories, putting children to bed.

19:45: Wow. All children are in bed. Sit in the armchair, let my lady bring the laptop and the leash. She also gets her work laptop, sits down next to me. I write the notes of the two days.

One week Head of Home with six kids – Wednesday

Disclaimer: this article is part of a series of articles, the writing of which I broke off and which I commented on afterwards. Please read the comments.

03:00: my smallest one comes to me and cuddles. He would like me to turn to him and cuddle on. We have discussions about the fact that we have to sleep. While I would have to sleep. Thinking about finances gets me thinking. In the end, I can’t really sleep anymore.

06:00: wake my lady, pull her on my dick, have her bring me coffee. Tiiiired.

06:45: get out of bed, wake up my oldest. Great. The kids took powdered sugar into the kids’ rooms, made a mess of it. Get a vacuum cleaner, ask one of the causers to clean it up. He does it!? Shower. The littlest of my lady asks me if I could bring him today. I promise to see if that’s possible. Background: if all the children are done early enough, I can actually bring them all right now. My lady can then start work earlier. Once again I explain to all the children – one by one and in peace and quiet – that they have to listen to the new housekeeper, otherwise it won’t be nice here. We would really have to send children who do nonsense, with jacket outside in the sandbox or something similar. The children seem to understand.

07:40: I am ready to go!? All children are dressed and in the car. That’s soon enough that I can just do all the kids in one tour. Cool 😊.

Afterwards disillusionment: the smallest of my lady cries, he wants to be brought by mummy. Cries.

Darn it. I can’t change that anymore.

We go. Two minutes later he’s fine. I ask him, I’m sorry that he was so sad – but how that has to do with the fact that he wanted to be brought by me before. He explains that he did not mean that I would bring him. He asked Mum when he asked.

Well great 😊 . No way. We discussed this differently 😊. Well. Adjust the crown, continue.

07:45: Dumping my oldest in front of his school. It’s noticeable that the kids don’t do nonsense anymore compared to yesterday. So it is going really well again!

07:55: Unloading my oldest lady in front of her school.

08:00: Unloading some of the children in the first childcare

08:15: Unloading the other part of the children in the second childcare

08:25: Picking out a thick pile of medical invoices and reminders. Sort which reminder belongs to which invoice. Transfer per transaction according to the last letter. Scan the first letter (invoice) and forward it to the insurance company. File everything.

10:00: Working; by the way, messages from my lady, she longs for the cane.

13:00: first my oldest, then the oldest of my lady from school comes again. Today is going really well? Inner jubilation: the children themselves have understood that it will not work like yesterday! It has worked until here without further pressure to get back to normal mode?? Cool.

14:00: Lunch

16:00: the next children come out of the care; take children, talk to them, give them some painting templates. Work. Generally happy about the great children. Admire works of children now and then.

17:50: my lady comes back. A short time later there is dinner. Hardly a child does nonsense. Nice food, reading history, sleeping, cuddling. Conversation with the combat cuddler from last night: he is dead tired. Because he slept as little at night as I did. He’s welcome to come to my place. But we both have to be able to sleep. A 10-minute discussion.

20:20: before I go to my eldest – still in the tour to cuddle with all the children – instruction to my lady: I would like you to kneel naked in the playroom when I come back. Waiting with wrist lifting restraints. And please with candles. Cuddle with my oldest.

20:35: finished with my eldest. Entering game room. Hanging my lady with spread arms. I give her the view. Beat her with a barbed-wire whip so that she’s constant between whining and crying. Then beat her 100 times with a bullwhip. Hang her up, ask her to kneel before me. Place me in an armchair. Ask her to take off my socks. She does. Ask her to kiss my feet. She does. After a while, I ask her to satisfy me. She sinks completely into the role of the waitress. Don’t think about it. It’s downright reverent in the act of gratification. I take her into the bedroom, chain her up.

22:00: I go back to my eldest. He’s not asleep yet. I’m going to lie down next to him for a little while. He’ll be close to sleeping in a few minutes. At this point I better go back to my chained lady and lie down next to her. Sleeping.

One week Head of Home with six kids – Tuesday

Disclaimer: this article is part of a series of articles, the writing of which I broke off and which I commented on afterwards. Please read the comments.

5:30am: my youngest crawls into bed with me. Cuddles. I cuddle him into me – actually want to sleep on. He continues. He gives me swings. As I am lying to my lady, he actually wakes us both. At some point I tell him that I would like to cuddle up with him, but that sleep is the order now. He can’t wake us up.

I go to the toilet first so that his cuddling is interrupted and he can hopefully fall asleep. I notice it’s already half past five.

6:00am: my lady’s second youngest comes to bed with us. Slowly the children wake each other up. Insanely loving cuddling around us among all the boys, from the boys to us and from me. Before it gets too active – the room is still dark – I grab the key and unlock my lady.

6:15am: in a mixture of the children realizing that they cannot go on flirting in their parents’ bedroom at night forever without parents getting angry and the fact that they actually want to get out of bed themselves, they get up.

I pull my lady on my dick. Ask her to bring me my cell phone and a coffee fast.

Cuddling, getting satisfied and reading from my phone.

6:50am: wake up my eldest. See what the little ones are doing. Tell them that in about 40 minutes a taxi will come for me and they have to go to kindergarten/school.

7:00am: Shower. Get ready. Finalizing the children.

7:40am: all children say goodbye to me in the taxi, cuddling and pushing me. Afterwards they get into the car to my lady and are taken to kindergarten and school.

8:00am: arrival at the airport. Start generating the boarding pass online in my mobile phone, because I need it to pass the first checkpoint.

8:20am: Arrive at gate. Buy breakfast. Noticing that my lady’s children have been dancing on her nose. She is frustrated. The children shouldn’t have had any fun this way either.

8:30am: Phone call with the first customer. Parallel boarding.

9:00am: Departure for customer appointment.

11:10am: Arrival at the customer.

11:20am: The boss of the person with whom I’m appointed – who was an important communication target for the day – has no time. He at least notices that he actually had an appointment with me. Accompanies us at lunch. Afterwards he can be quickly briefed. I’m glad I did the handouts last night. (The man approved >80T$ orders to me. I want him to know what the result is)

4:00pm: in the cab again at the client

4:30pm: I read in Telegram that my lady had to go home from work because the children simply did not listen to the housekeeper in my absence. Called the children (via the housekeeper) via WhatsApp (video conference). I look into a pale face of the housekeeper and happy faces of the children. I asked the children nicely what was going on with them. I wouldn’t know what they were doing – but that X (my lady) had to come home now would sound to me like the beginning of something really stupid. They had to listen to Y – otherwise it wouldn’t work. What they do could not end well. I remained friendly. It was clear that I wouldn’t be there anyway, but I would worry.

My eldest pulled a “whoops” face. He obviously knows what I’m talking about. The others look at me with a mixture of concern and curiosity. My lady plans are, after she has left work in an emergency – so that she can continue working at home and the children remember this – to send all the children to their room one by one. Then there will be dinner. Then they will all go back to their room. I won’t be home until just before eight.

Security check, buy juice spritzer, Boarding.

7:00pm: touchdown. Read from my lady that the kids seemed sweet. Anyway, no sleeping. Waiting for me.

7:30pm: arrival at home by taxi. Talking to the children’s conscience. Being happy about the beautiful playing children. Announcement that I will tell the housekeeper tomorrow that all children who do nonsense should be sent to their room. Not only because of Z (the housekeeper), but also so that the others can play properly and it is nice in the house.

8:45pm: cuddling, massaging, tickling, etc. with all children.

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9:45: a little maintenance.

10:00: check if my oldest is sleeping. Because he didn’t before. Result: he lies in the dark room, but is not asleep yet. Uuuuhoh, he’ll be tired tomorrow. I lie down next to him for 2 minutes. He falls asleep in these two minutes, as if I’d pulled the plug. Sweet child ?? .

22:30: evening conversation with my lady, during which she says, that she thinks she needs to be really heavy spanked again. Sleeping.