Mutual respect / principles

  • He is in the sense of the Domestic Discipline the Head of Home. She is his slave, by the meaning of Domestic Discipline.
  • The slave shows respect to the master throughout. The master can remind her of any punishments / measures / her role.
  • The master assigns rules and roles to the slave. They serve to form the slave to what the master desires. They make it easier for her to find her role. The slave is oriented in her actions to the wishes of her master. She makes suggestions to him, but can not expect them to be taken over by the master.
  • Master and Slave agree to favor RACK over SSC. They accept in this sense e.g. face slapping, welts, caning and temporarily falling limbs.
  • Master and slave agree that both consider the above as desired way of life. Master and slave agree to actively seek and promote this life both.



The rules of conduct are based on the slave’s respect for the master, and both have their roles. Both sheas a slave, and he as a master. Both adapt their behavior to these principles, independent from the rules.

Concrete agreements / rules:

  • The slave speaks in the formal form to her master.
  • In the presence of third persons, before whom the formal form would be inappropriate, the slave uses sentences, which do not require the formal form.
  • The slave avoids sitting herself at the same height as the Lord is sitting. Exceptions are cases where this would be socially conspicuous or otherwise not effective.
  • The slave avoids the use of the couch. Exceptions are cases where this would be socially conspicuous or otherwise not effective.
  • The slave generally gives priority to the master. She does not eat until he starts. She waits for him before entering the bed or leaving the house or a hotel room. As long as no children are present, she waits kneeling.
  • The master accepts the duty to regularly beat the slave for maintenance (spanking and slapping)
  • The master accepts the duty to regularly use the slave for maintenance, especially orally.
  • The master accepts the duty to seek and punish wrongdoing.
  • The slave thanks both for spankings, as well as for use (> = 2min).
  • The slave treats guests in a private environment politely and courteously.
  • In kissing situations, the slave stands on her tiptoes to make it easier for her master to kiss her.
  • The slave ensures order and cleanliness in the playroom. She disinfects the toys. This must be done up to 48 hours after using the devices or the room.

Openness to the master

The slave accepts master ‘s penetration and grabs in all openings at all times the master desires.
The slave should not be in the presence of her master with clothing that directly covers her crotch. Exceptions are times when she soon leaves the house for work or just comes back from there. Further exceptions must be approved by the master.
The slave accepts bondage and the blocking of senses whenever the master wishes.
At all times, the slave wears tight little chains around her wrists, which make it easier for your master to tie her hands.

The slave shares the position of her cell phone for permanent insight by her master.
The slave takes pictures of the situation at eight o’clock & thirteen o’clock (weekends only, plus other occasions at her own pace) and at four o’clock (always) and herself before going to bed (always), in phases of more than twelve hours absence of the master.
The slave will provide her master weekly a list of time account balances of the last 8 weeks each Monday. (Exception: right after the introduction of this rule).

Clothing / appearance

  • The slave wears necklaces of her master’s choice. She is welcome to make suggestions.
  • The slave wears clothes of the masters’s choice and orientates her appearance to his wishes.
  • The master recognizes the duty to consciously mark the slave by necklaces.
  • The slave asks her master for permission before eating sweets. This applies especially to cakes, biscuits, small bombons or ice cream.
  • The slave will carry the following things to her master when coming home
    • Necklace + lock (as a general rule)
    • Collar + Lock (If there are no children in the house until the next time you get up)

Deviations of this (other necklaces, collars, etc.) are appointed between master and slave on occurence of change requests.


  • The slave sleeps at night tied by the wrists. The master ties her in the evening at a suitable time
  • The slave sleeps where the master wishes.
  • The slave wears no underwear at night, even in the absence of the master. Exception: Illness
  • If the slave is alone at home, she goes to bed about 22.00h and strives to sleep at 22.30h.

Body of the slave

The master takes care that the body of the slave remains intact in the long run.


He is watching for her. But that also means that he shows her what her role is and where she missed her through punishments and maintenance spankings.
Penalties are distinguished from maintenance spankings by the fact that they are caused by beats on the vagina.
Minor misconduct is treated in the maintenance spanking style with slaps or beats.

General information

  • The master is the master.
  • The master determines what happens at home. The master determines what happens to her.
  • The master is free, within the limits defined by him, to let other persons beat and use the slave. The frame of the physical intactness (see above) is to be kept thereby. That means in particular that condoms are to be used with potential infection or impregnation danger.