And on we go – to CIS

We’ve been together for a year since some time. We reflect more and more our relationship. We realize that we want to go “further” in the relationship. Concretely: go to CIS 🙈.

I investigated the web, interested in the possibilities. I found it interesting that I found almost nothing on the net. For example, if you search for “TPE”, you will find a lot of forum posts. If you search in the same forums for “CIS” you won’t find anything 🙄.

We conclude from it that we stand slowly alone on far corridor. Both in the SM environment of our region, and now in the Internet there are hardly any references to which one can refer.

For us CIS will mean that my lady should know that she is not coming away from me. She wants to know that she can cry helplessly over situations – but she has to chum up to me as a gentleman. I, on the other hand, look forward to cultivating her and our relationship in this state.

For a long time, I felt that such a path of relationship was unthinkable 😂 . Attributes like “too exhausting” or “only possible with women who are mentally too far away from me” were buzzing around in my head.

My lady, on the other hand, offered herself throughout the year. On many occasions. Again and again. She realized that she would trust me. That she could dare to live with me in a relationship she would not dare to have with others.

She advised me which striking tools hurt in which ways. She tried out things with me in shops like whole-head latex masks. She offered several times – and made it clear that she liked it that I decide about her so much that I give her to other men. Together we went our way deeper and deeper into letting my lady be used by other gentlemen (see blog posts “Use I/III/III”).

Over the months I experienced that my lady reacted all the happier the more I had moved away from “normal” social standards in individual deeds. I experienced how she accepted certain things from me, trusting in the overall situation or in me as a whole.

I slowly see that I switch off my empathy according to the situation – I am then no longer empathetic towards my lady, but towards the lady I have later, after the impressions of my consequence/ cruelty/love have sunk into her.

This in turn leads to the fact that I really head for the CIS. Respectfully. But knowing, that we will do it…

TiH – Taken in Hand

If my lady and me had imagined today’s life as our goal while getting to know each other, we would have sayed goodbye to each other in a friendly way 😂 .

I saw in my life various slave contracts on relevant web pages. With rules according to which the passive part must ask the active part for permission before he leaves the house. With rules that stated that the passive part should not wear underwear that covered the crotch at home. With rules according to which the master may use and beat the slave at any time. That a slave has the right to scream, but the master has the right to gag her if that disturbs him. And so on. I found it completely illogical how such a life should function. I found the term “Taken In Hand” for the passive part of a DD relationship bulky and inappropriate.

Now we are together for a year

And we have essentially built up a set of rules on our own, starting from a blank page. The resulting ruleset goes much further than almost all the rules I have ever read. We would have found people with shouch a ruleset weird, one year ago.

And now we both find it better from experience that the man is in charge. That it’s a kind of ignoring degradation not to use the lady regularly. That there are situations in which it makes sense to slap the lady several times in order to give her support in the relationship again. That it’s unfortunate that you can’t leave the lady chained at night more often because of the children.

Today I started to take more bank cards from my lady. Since yesterday she has to ask permission when she leaves the house (unless she goes to work). I’ve taken over the mail accounts and Facebook vour weeks ago.

She recently painted a picture of a bird in a golden cage. The bird is her. I was afraid for a long time to break the bird if I locked it up. Instead, I experience the bird blooming as I slowly but surely build rod by rod.

It blooms because I take it in my hand.