Muggle? Nah. We prefer Hogwards.

My lady and I were thinking about a year ago, that you’d have to build up an acquaintance base of SM people. I use the word “would have to” knowingly. This was not a plan we had in mind.

After about a year now we realize that we hardly have any Muggle left in our circle of acquaintances. On the contrary, we organize SM parties right off the bat – in our house. Because people know us and we know people – and people like to come to us.

What happened?

I can only recommend the mechanism to everybody to imitate it :-). We did not do it consciously. Buuuuuut:

  • We both agreed that we had little interest “in the village” in making acquaintances.
  • For work colleagues, customers and children we had to be balanced people who take their time and do what they do well. –> We hardly had time to make acquaintances.
  • We had a high speed of life in the phases when all 6 children were with us. We kept that speed afterwards in the days when we had no children. If you are otherwise regularly energized, you just don’t stay at home on the couch when you could go to a SM party 🙂 .
  • As a result we were on the road a lot – but only in the scene. When we celebrate New Year’s Eve with a couple of friends and their children, it just comes out of the scene.
  • We played actively. We also had the scene equivalent of “sex” with others. You hung up other ladies, you gave your lady blindfolded to other men, you got your hands on other ladies. Asked those around to make sure that nobody touched the lady while you were fetching drinks. Affirmed the question, I surely had a pair of scissors with me, which I could borrow for a short time. This created communication and trust.

Meanwhile, we’re finding that we hardly live among Muggles anymore. We are currently experiencing the trustworthy environment of the magical world of Hogwards. And I hope it lasts a little bit 🙂 .

Building a social environment of SM people :-)

Hello together,

my dear lady and I have been working for some time to build a social environment of SM people 🙂. I think this more and more gets worth a few lines (and I’m curious when we’ll have enough articles together, that we have enough readers to get feedback from you 🙂).

Yesterday we were at a party. In one of the largest European SM locations. We arranged to meet two other couples. One consisted of a man and a woman who were not really a couple. They only accompanied each other this evening. The other consisted of two doms (one male, one female 🙂). With both couples we were in contact via WhatsApp before… after we got them now on other parties. And now have set up between us six a WhatsApp group. I’m happy 🙂 .

Some general thoughts: we really WANTED to be in active contact with other kinksters for months. We WANTED a social environment where my lady can wear a collar and sit under me. We WANTED to have an environment where you can party together, have fun together and discuss the evening in the morning at breakfast.

That was not so easy. We created profiles on SM / swinger networks. We wrote with couples who marked us as “Like”. We worked through emails from people who wanted to meet with us. Somehow it did not work.

We invited the SM scene of our city for a barbecue. THAT was a good approach. But the appointment is still pending.

We collected phone numbers from couples we met at parties and created WhatsApp groups with them. That helped. And so we came to last night.

All three couples knew we were at the party. All but us came too late (great).

The party started lame. In the meantime I have learned that in such cases we have to pin ourselves and start to “play”.

So when it stayed rather “lame” for a while, I applied earplugs to my lady, put her a rubber mask over her head, led her into a high room from which ceiling chain hung, tied her to it, removed corset and wrap skirt … hit her with a whip.

Next to me, the sub of the “couple” which just accompanied each other was fixed on a box and carefully beaten.

The cool thing: the couple which consisted of two doms assisted on both subs 🙂. I do not know what they did to the other lady :-), because I was too busy with my lady.

But the two brought in some other inputs. treated my lady, for example, with a nerve wheel. Stroked one side while I hit the other. while I was busy with the Big Wand at the other. Toward the end I was afraid that the Big Wand had overwhelmed my lady … she just did not come. The other two ultimately brought the crucial stimuli in parallel with my work on the Big Wand 🙂 .

The other lady was fingered and beated by them. Again, they worked hard to help her to the final orgasm 🙂. We were a great bunch of 6, hard working on torturing and caressing. Enjoying the sufferings of the passive 🙂.

At about four o’clock I had to sweep my lady out of the party location with friendly words. She did not want to leave. But I was completely exhausted.

The next morning we had breakfast at the harbor. This was great too. It was interesting, above all, that everybody wanted to party with us again. We talked a lot about our relationship model. The lady of the couple, which only “accompanied” themselves to the party announced several times interest in doing something with us – and meant expressly my lady and me.

What I want to put out here: we are happy 🙂. And we look forward to expanding that. I especially dream of having a spa weekend with another couple in a SM apartment 🙂.

We will expand the aspect of the WhatsApp groups. And I’m looking forward to the barbecue 🙂