And then Corona came

I haven’t written for some time. That was because of two things.

One, I suffered from insomnia. That’s why I even went to the doctor towards the end. And complimented my youngest out of our bed. It was just too much from the impressions during the day and the responsibility of financing this whole place. And I didn’t even know then that Corona was coming, or what it meant.

On the other hand Corona came. Every day the children at home. Landlady moved to the core hours of our work schedule. In the house at the beginning of Corona massively renovated, to have the structures for the higher density of people present. Getting up very early in the morning to tunnel the waking hours of the children. In the evening only late rest… there was not much in between.

One thing I can say: I have matured in my role as HOH. And my lady in her role as “mine”. One of mine worked like crazy in Q2 to keep existing clients and acquire new ones at the same time. My lady worked (forced, though gladly taken) at home, and caught what fell down.

We isolated ourselves. The food was brought by the delivery service (10-20 bags per week). The rest Amazon. We barely left the house. I was one of the first people to have masks. For 250Eur. 25 masks. Life went on with our set of rules. My lady got beaten every day. Was used. I got the counterparts.

Pleasure: the children came together in patchwork. While before, some of my lady’s and my children were still rejecting each other, that went away in a few weeks. Background: all child care was closed. When there were only the alternatives of being alone at home full of boredom or having the others, they learned to appreciate each other more constantly. When they were at our partners or partly alone with us, boredom broke out boundlessly. I am glad that we have a house and a landlady.

But: we were constantly exhausted. We did what you have to do. But a certain lameness had come in unnoticed.

One weekend turned the tide.

Friday: we went to the forest with friends. We had organized that. Motto: “One bullwhip length of distance is enough”. With an announcement that you wear masks. Everyone brought food. It was a picnic. Afterwards, we beat each other up. It was a great picture when my lady and a friend bullwhipped a contestant. Great photos, great videos. On the other hand, one noticed: such pictures would not have been taken in any club in the world. It worked exactly in such small environments like our forest group, which would not have existed like this before. It was cold. Everyone was wearing clothes. Even the Subbies. We noticed with pleasure that it hurts even through the clothes. And there were also traces. All in all, it was a bit of a snap, just because of the temperature. As we sat there, we saw it as a snap idea. But at the same time, everyone was happy and sent messages afterwards about how great it was and that it would have to be repeated.

Saturday / Sunday: We visited a bondage workshop. Exemplary organized. So that in case of doubt, governmental authorities came in and found out that all regulations were followed. Those who didn’t wear a mask had to keep silent. Distance was kept. On the toilet and in front of it disinfectant (one “shared” the door handle 🙂 . Existing concept with checklist. Instruction of the participants in the checklist. And so on. The course instructor had simply started mentally to look for solutions.

On the return trip on Sunday I called friends. We would now be looking for people who were looking for solutions. I partly only heard a ” say up something”. It did not matter what it was about. They all wanted to. I gave out the slogan, we wanted to have normal people in the house again. And I meant the dear S&M people. From whom we had learned that without them, our relationship would somehow diminish.

We started to organize living room parties again. With mask. With an evacuation plan in case of surprise visits by the local authorities. My lady got the permission to find a bondage partner and caught herself de facto a Subbi. We built our own messenger (matrix-based) to communicate more closely. I walked around the house partly using a headset – my less working lady and tortured her less working Subbi. Great view.

My acquisition work in Q2 bore fruit. I am simply full in Q3. I don’t know how I’m going to get the work done. And at the end of Q3 I’ll have a nice full company account – as long as I can get the work done. Which seems to work.

It’s a breathless time. You have to see how you get by. There are a lot of balls in the air and you have to keep them up. But it’s also a time that leaves room for change.

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Muggle? Nah. We prefer Hogwards.

My lady and I were thinking about a year ago, that you’d have to build up an acquaintance base of SM people. I use the word “would have to” knowingly. This was not a plan we had in mind.

After about a year now we realize that we hardly have any Muggle left in our circle of acquaintances. On the contrary, we organize SM parties right off the bat – in our house. Because people know us and we know people – and people like to come to us.

What happened?

I can only recommend the mechanism to everybody to imitate it :-). We did not do it consciously. Buuuuuut:

  • We both agreed that we had little interest “in the village” in making acquaintances.
  • For work colleagues, customers and children we had to be balanced people who take their time and do what they do well. –> We hardly had time to make acquaintances.
  • We had a high speed of life in the phases when all 6 children were with us. We kept that speed afterwards in the days when we had no children. If you are otherwise regularly energized, you just don’t stay at home on the couch when you could go to a SM party 🙂 .
  • As a result we were on the road a lot – but only in the scene. When we celebrate New Year’s Eve with a couple of friends and their children, it just comes out of the scene.
  • We played actively. We also had the scene equivalent of “sex” with others. You hung up other ladies, you gave your lady blindfolded to other men, you got your hands on other ladies. Asked those around to make sure that nobody touched the lady while you were fetching drinks. Affirmed the question, I surely had a pair of scissors with me, which I could borrow for a short time. This created communication and trust.

Meanwhile, we’re finding that we hardly live among Muggles anymore. We are currently experiencing the trustworthy environment of the magical world of Hogwards. And I hope it lasts a little bit 🙂 .

‘Muggles, Part 2′ aka “Building a social network of SM loving people III’

Good morning 🙂

Do you remember the “Muggles“-Posting? My lady and me had to choose between a birthday full of party people… and a fetish party.

We went to the birthday. We had some fear, how well we would fit in there. We had learned to not fit good in a group of normal people.

To sum it up: it went well.

At first, I stuck me and my lady to the one and only gay person ion the room. We had a nice talk with him. There were several situations, where he talked about problems in the big family… he had problems in being “special” in his big family…

… and we got the used situation of “not being able to talk about the things which we are really interested in”. We could have talked with this gay guy, some people around him, about our topics. But we felt this not fitting.

THEN we changed to an other person. A “girl” of 30-40yrs. She asked, where we both met.

I paused.

And paused.

And thinked.

She said: “Well, of course you can just make up some spontaneous story…” .

I thought “no”.

I answered “on a social network of SM-affine people”.

“Cooooooooooooooool. Wow, you’re soooo open with that. Can I ask you some questions??????”

We did not come out of those questions for two hours. The host came along “Ohhh. THAT topic. Cool”. He liked that this was talked on his party. Some time later the host came along again “Ups. Still same topic???”. And he went by.

In the beginning there was an annoying point in the questions. After some minutes we were asked “Do you have rules? Please give us one. At least one. Pleeeeeeease.” I shouted “Hei. We are in no animal park here?”

But then it continued nice!???? My ladies scarf around the neck – hiding the collar – went of in minutes. We just behaved as we do. My lady sitting below me, me giving a massage to the head… we both sitting on a terace, me on the couch, she with her head on my knees… beautiful 🙂 .

Muggles – Aka ‘Building a social environment of SM people :-) II’

Good Morning,

I would like to take up again the aspect of building an SM-shaped social environment. Last time I wrote this mid of may in the thread “Building a social environment of SM people”.

To start with, my lady and I now have the term “Muggle” for “Vanillas”. That fits better. They’re different. May be nice. May be good-looking, may do great things, may be stupid, may be arrogant. Ultimately, however, these attributes do not matter. There are Muggles somehow.

I wrote in the above article about trying to build an SM environment. I wrote about organizing a barbecue. I wrote that we used WhatsApp groups with people we went to parties with together.

What became of building of a social environment?

The barbecue took place. It was nice. Interesting. We had invited ALL participants for a barbecue through a telegram group, in which a part of the SM people of our city is networked. 15 came :-). They came in, partly curiously, whether we meant it honest, that they should now enter our door :-).

Many people knew us afterwards. And they got us known as a couple – as we had invited – and not as individuals.

Afterwards we found another group … organized over hundrets of miles, networked via a team messenger. The organizer of this group had pre-filtered well – making this team messenger a kind of social network for trusted people. You post traces of yesterday’s canings. You make an appointment for parties. WE asked in one of the channels several times, who wanted to have breakfast with us. 3x in the meantime :-).

We found nice people. By Connections, which developed thereby, we found ourselves one evening on a barbeque, which became in the course of the evening in the cellar of the inviting pair to the SM-Party :-). My lady and me went as first in the basement and came out as last. I had worked on her for the longest. When we came upstairs, three girls were standing in a circle, beaten with whips by two men circulating around them. When we went outside, people were sitting around a campfire again.

We learned: THAT is where we want to go. And: we want that for us too. We were very motivated to plan this ourselves. We surfed for furniture that you could buy. We surfed for furniture (buck?), which you might also regularly leave in the living room.


Oh well. And then an old friend of mine invited him for his birthday. We actually wanted to parallel to a scene event. “Are we going to the Muggle event?”

In advance, my lady had noticed several times that she gets in her working environment problems to talk about her life. It’s not that she can not talk around unfitting aspects. But the things that interest her most, she can hardly tell.

From my professional environment, I realize that I am only interested in one person as a person: the one client who tells me frankly that he is going to a dominatrix. The rest of my professional environment is “nice”. But they are muggles.

Finally, we decided to replace our scene event that weekend with another. We’re going to that Muggle birthday. But are also a bit uncertain, if we do not ask ourselves after 2 hours, what we do there.

It’s Muggles. It does not fit right. My lady can not just kneel in front of me. There may be people who look funny when she sits in front of the couch on the floor.

Well. We will see…

Building a social environment of SM people :-)

Hello together,

my dear lady and I have been working for some time to build a social environment of SM people 🙂. I think this more and more gets worth a few lines (and I’m curious when we’ll have enough articles together, that we have enough readers to get feedback from you 🙂).

Yesterday we were at a party. In one of the largest European SM locations. We arranged to meet two other couples. One consisted of a man and a woman who were not really a couple. They only accompanied each other this evening. The other consisted of two doms (one male, one female 🙂). With both couples we were in contact via WhatsApp before… after we got them now on other parties. And now have set up between us six a WhatsApp group. I’m happy 🙂 .

Some general thoughts: we really WANTED to be in active contact with other kinksters for months. We WANTED a social environment where my lady can wear a collar and sit under me. We WANTED to have an environment where you can party together, have fun together and discuss the evening in the morning at breakfast.

That was not so easy. We created profiles on SM / swinger networks. We wrote with couples who marked us as “Like”. We worked through emails from people who wanted to meet with us. Somehow it did not work.

We invited the SM scene of our city for a barbecue. THAT was a good approach. But the appointment is still pending.

We collected phone numbers from couples we met at parties and created WhatsApp groups with them. That helped. And so we came to last night.

All three couples knew we were at the party. All but us came too late (great).

The party started lame. In the meantime I have learned that in such cases we have to pin ourselves and start to “play”.

So when it stayed rather “lame” for a while, I applied earplugs to my lady, put her a rubber mask over her head, led her into a high room from which ceiling chain hung, tied her to it, removed corset and wrap skirt … hit her with a whip.

Next to me, the sub of the “couple” which just accompanied each other was fixed on a box and carefully beaten.

The cool thing: the couple which consisted of two doms assisted on both subs 🙂. I do not know what they did to the other lady :-), because I was too busy with my lady.

But the two brought in some other inputs. treated my lady, for example, with a nerve wheel. Stroked one side while I hit the other. while I was busy with the Big Wand at the other. Toward the end I was afraid that the Big Wand had overwhelmed my lady … she just did not come. The other two ultimately brought the crucial stimuli in parallel with my work on the Big Wand 🙂 .

The other lady was fingered and beated by them. Again, they worked hard to help her to the final orgasm 🙂. We were a great bunch of 6, hard working on torturing and caressing. Enjoying the sufferings of the passive 🙂.

At about four o’clock I had to sweep my lady out of the party location with friendly words. She did not want to leave. But I was completely exhausted.

The next morning we had breakfast at the harbor. This was great too. It was interesting, above all, that everybody wanted to party with us again. We talked a lot about our relationship model. The lady of the couple, which only “accompanied” themselves to the party announced several times interest in doing something with us – and meant expressly my lady and me.

What I want to put out here: we are happy 🙂. And we look forward to expanding that. I especially dream of having a spa weekend with another couple in a SM apartment 🙂.

We will expand the aspect of the WhatsApp groups. And I’m looking forward to the barbecue 🙂